Sunday, September 25, 2022

PLATFORM - Arts and Culture

 The Port Theater

  • How much did the Port Theater cost the City?
  • Has the Port Theater ever been a Net Revenue Generator for the City? 
  • Does the Port Theater operate at a yearly deficit that Nanaimo Tax Payers need to pay for? 
  • I highly encourage all Nanaimo Citizens to demand the creation of the My Tax Money Nanaimo : Smartphone App and Website, and Residents will be able to see for themselves how much the Port Theater is costing them every year
Nanaimo Art Gallery
  • I like Arts and Culture
  • My Mother had a Masters Degree in Art History and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Museums and Cathedrals with her in Spain and hearing her speak about the history of paintings, sculptures and architecture
  • But, I want Nanaimo Tax Payers to know how much Arts and Culture is affecting their bottom line
  • People spend money on what they use and what they value
  • Residents will need to ask themselves how often they visit the Art Gallery, and whether they are willing to foot the bill for an expansion 
Expert Debate : Arts and Culture Spending in Nanaimo
  • It is 

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