Monday, September 26, 2022

PLATFORM - Big Ideas : Smartphone App / Website

SMARTPHONE APP / Website  - My Tax Money Nanaimo

Alternative (perhaps more palatable) Name

  • Informed Nanaimo
I personally like My Tax Money Nanaimo because it gets to the heart of the App's purpose. 
To give Residents a quick and easy way to get transparency and keep track of how the City is using and plans to use their money. 


A Smartphone App for Residents to quickly scan through key pieces of City Information. 

Philosophy Behind App

The City functions thanks to YOUR Money. You should be able to find out, with the ease of modern technology (in this case a Smartphone App) exactly how your money is being used in the operation of your City. 


  • Current Salaries : City Council and City Staff 
  • Past Raises : City Council and City Staff
  • Voting Records : City Council
  • City Finances : Operating Budget, Budget Deficits, Current Debt, Strategic Reserves
  • City Projects : Most critically how much they will Cost
Precedent : Nanaimo Recycles Smartphone App

The City of Nanaimo has already produced a very useful Smartphone App which many Residents find valuable to remind them of their Garbage and Recycling schedules, and where to take items they are unsure of how to either dispose of or where to take for proper recycling. 

Precedent : MyCity Website

The City has a very useful Online Site for Residents to track their User Rates fees. 

The existence of both the "Nanaimo Recycles" App and the "MyCity" Website clearly demonstrates that the City has the ability to both create a useful Smartphone App and to supply Residents with historical and up to date information about financial matters which directly apply to them. 

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