Saturday, September 24, 2022

PLATFORM - City Staff / Hiring Practices

 12 New Bylaw Officers

  • 12 New Bylaw Officers were hired at a cost of $50,000 / year 
  • My understanding is there main purpose was to address the Homelessness issue, in particular cleaning up after them
  • This is ridiculous
  • Responsible parents do NOT keep cleaning up after children who are poorly behaved. Responsible parents punish irresponsible behavior, and teach their children how to be responsible people
  • Nanaimo needs to STOP following a policy of Enabling people with Substance Abuse problems, and instead give them a decision. Go into Rehab and Treatment, or you cannot live in Nanaimo
  • It is NOT the responsibility of hard working, tax paying Citizens to constantly be paying for people who are engaging in self destructive behavior
  • Tax Payers are happy to for Treatment, for Results, for putting a Stop to someone's self destructive behavior, but the idea of constantly paying to clean up after people who are only being a drain on others...this is unacceptable. 
  • When human beings live together, they must follow the Social Contract, they must follow basic levels of decency and civility or else they do not belong among civilized behaving individuals

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