Monday, September 26, 2022

PLATFORM - Covid or another Crisis Response : Choice Between Freedom and Supposed "Security" - I Choose Freedom


  • Yes I am "Unvaxxed". 
  • As a Society, we need to take a close look at ourselves and how quickly, when we were afraid, when we were unsure, when we didn't want to be ostracized, we were willing to turn our backs on our fellow Canadians because they chose to exercise their Bodily Autonomy
  • What one chooses to put in one's body should never be a question. The answer should always be, loudly and proudly : My Body. My Choice. 
A Promise : City Hall Staff (and something important for Nanaimo Citizens to take note of)
  • I will NEVER make a Vaccine or any other potential externality become a Condition of Employment
  • Now, to City Council's credit during the Pandemic, no member of City Staff was given an ultimatum between taking the Vaccine and losing their job. Credit where credit is due.
  • But, to reiterate and reemphasize, if the next "Crisis" occurs, I will NEVER force a member of City Staff to choose between their livelihood and a controversial act that is for the theoretical "greater good". I stand staunchly opposed to Collectivist Thinking
  • The Rights of the Individual Shall Not Be Impugned.
The Next Crisis : Climate Lockdowns
  • Already there is talk among Global Leaders and Global Elites, commenting on the apparent decrease in CO2 when much of the Global Population was Locked Down
  • There is already discussion about Global Lockdowns being a viable solution to slowing down Climate Change
  • If I am elected to City Council, in whatever capacity I am able, I will push back against Lockdowns for theoretical crises
  • In such an instance, I would welcome an Expert Debate, and City Council and Nanaimo Residents, could get perspective on both sides of the idea of "Locking Society Down to Slow Down Climate Change". I believe, the arguments against the idea will carry the day handily. 

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  1. Good to hear. How do you feel about the climate crisis? As someone who is anti-vax but pro environmentalist, I find that my common ground with many ends where the environment begins. For example, climate change is undeniably real. However, too much is being put on the common person to give up while the elite continues to fly in jets (for example the Kardashians take jets from one airport to another a 40 minutes drive away), so in that sense I agree with the common thought that it is being used as a tool for control. But I am certainly not a denialist. I do think the end goal is for a hunger games like structure to cities and territories, which is abhorrent.


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