Sunday, September 25, 2022

PLATFORM - Crime / Police Empowerment / Citizen Self Defense / Nanaimo Safety Action Plan $2.5 Million & 1% Property Tax Increase for Glorified Guidance Counsellors

My Commitment

Nanaimo is a City for Law Abiding Citizens. If someone is breaking the law, they must be prosecuted for their Crimes. If someone is breaking the law, and endangering fellow Citizens, they must be removed from the Society of Law Abiding people. 

If elected City Councilor, I will do everything in my power to make Nanaimo a City of Law and Order.  

Personal Philosophy

Civil Society depends on the Social Contract. We all agree to live together, and obey the rules, obey the laws. This is how we can coexist peacefully. We don't always agree, but we maintain a level of respect and civility. 

When someone commits a Crime, they are breaking the Social Contract. As a compassionate Society, we want to try to understand why a Crime has been committed and rehabilitate the person who committed the crime. But, this healing process takes time. In the interim, someone who commits a Crime needs to experience consequences, and, especially when the crime is of a destructive or violent nature, the person needs to be removed from congress with law abiding people, whether that be a treatment facility or jail. 

Analogy : The Household

If a member of the household is threatening, stealing, engaging in acts of violence, and the members of the household wish to preserve a harmonious home life, then the individual who is being disruptive must cease their destructive behavior or they must leave. People who want to live in a peaceful home deserve that state of calm and order. It is perfectly reasonable and right for anyone who is ruining that pleasant home life to be asked to stop, and if they don't stop, then to leave. This isn't cruelty, this is fairness. This is everyone's right to a happy domestic life. 


  • Hiring : It is not possible to hire more Police Officers when no one wants the job. 
  • Demoralized : Police Officers are demoralized because their arrests don't result in convictions and due punishment. 
Police : My Commitment
Whatever I can do within my power as a City Councilor to empower our Police to make arrests that stick, I will do. 

I will lobby the Provincial Government, the BC Court System, and speak publicly on the need to give our Police the power and authority to do their job and keep Law Abiding Citizens safe.  


  • Treatment for people with Addictions
  • Housing for the Homeless
  • Lobbying the Provincial Government and the BC Court System constantly to change policies to insure that people who commit destructive and violent crimes are put in the proper facility, whether that be treatment center or jail. 
Solutions : Jails

My understanding is that many Jails in BC have plenty of capacity. 
These facilities can have sections be converted into Detention / Treatment Centers. 
We don't have to build new facilities, when we have those that are under utilized. 

Solutions : Broken Windows Theory

Nanaimo needs to do what Mayor Rudy Giuliani did in New York in the 1990's. Small Crimes need to be prosecuted regularly, and consistently, so that a clear message is sent to anyone who considers committing a Criminal Act in Nanaimo. 

If the Small Crimes are prosecuted vigorously, than the larger crimes will be discouraged by virtue of the discouragement of the Criminal Element in Nanaimo. 

Solutions : Pepper Spray for Residents Who Wish To Carry It

A fellow Candidate proposed the idea, and I think it is an excellent one. 

Pepper spray is painful, and it's a shame to use it, but it is non-lethal and will stop an aggressor. 

Plenty of women, and many men, would feel safer to walk around Downtown Nanaimo if they were carrying Pepper Spray with them. 

I am a strong believer in the United States 2nd Amendment. 
I don't believe Nanaimo Citizens need to be armed (yet, hopefully never), I do believe, very strongly, that Nanaimo Residents should have the option to protect themselves in an effective, non-lethal manner if they feel threatened. 

I believe that Governments which discourage Citizens from having the tools and training to protect themselves are trying to train their Citizens to be weak and easily controlled. 

No Law Abiding Citizen should walk their City streets in fear, and until Local Government imposes Tough Love on people who are making the City unsafe, Citizens deserve the right to be able to defend themselves effectively. 

Thought : Nanaimo Safety Action Plan

The Action Plan calls for the hiring of 12 Community Safety Officers, 2 permanent cleaning teams, downtown ambassadors, vandalism relief grant money, more parkade cleaning, parks ambassadors and more. 

The Plan will cost $1.5 million in 2022, $2.8 million in 2023, and $2.5 million in 2024 and beyond. 

This will result in 0.9 percent tax increase in 2022, and a 1.0 percent tax increase in 2023. 

I loathe band-aid solutions to problems. Nanaimo needs Tough Love. People who commit crimes, especially violent ones, need to go to jail. People with substance abuse problems to Rehab. People with Mental Health problems need to be in Psychiatric Hospitals.  We are a caring people, but we do not like to waste money on solutions which DO NOT fix problems, but merely alleviate symptoms. Reminds me of the Pharmaceutical Industry. They profit from "managing symptoms", not from actually curing illness. Curing illness is not profitable long term.

By NOT effectively solving Nanaimo's Homelessness and Substance Abuse problem, the Incumbent Council has created more City Staff positions, and MORE burden on Nanaimo Taxpayers. 
Safety Officers are toothless! All they can do is recommend services and ask someone to move along. Herding cats with feathers.

Thought : Nanaimo Is For Law Abiding Citizens

It doesn't take a genius to see that Nanaimo's Crime  problem stems from Homelessness and Substance Abuse. 

The solution is these individual's issues need to be addressed. 

The question is do City Politicians have the Guts and Political Will to make a tough call : if someone wants to live in Nanaimo, they will follow the law. Otherwise, they are NOT WELCOME in Nanaimo. Law Abiding Citizens follow the law. Homeless people and those with Substance Abuse problems must be no different. 

ENOUGH with spending Tax Payer's money to continue enabling people. 

Jail for those who are criminals.

Rehab and Treatment for those with Substance abuse issues. Solved.

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