Saturday, September 24, 2022

PLATFORM - Traffic

 People Want To Drive

  • The goal of the City's Official Community Plan (OCP), Smart Cities (which Nanaimo is planned to be), Donut Economics (the system upon which Smart Cities are based), and the World Economic Forum (WEF) composed of Unelected, Global Elites who are pushing for Smart Cities is to get regular people OUT of cars (the Elites of course will continue to use them, along with their Private Helicopters and Planes) and onto Bicycles and Public Transit
  • Surprisingly enough, regular people also enjoy the Independence and Freedom being able to drive gives them. Just like the Elites do. How strange...almost like regular people also aspire to the highest Quality of Life they can afford just like the Elites. 
Responsibility of Local Government Is To Facilitate The Public Will
  • The responsibility of Local Government is not to act as the arbiter of what Citizens in Society should be doing, but to act as the Facilitator for the demonstrated Public Will 
  • 99% of Nanaimo Citizens drive
  • Local Governments job is to make driving for Nanaimo Citizens faster and more efficient
Solutions : Overpasses On The Parkway
  • My understanding is that originally the Parkway was designed with Overpasses in mind, but that the project ran short of funds.
  • I would advocate to the Provincial Government on behalf of Nanaimo Residents for funds to begin being collected for the Construction of Overpasses along the Parkway
  • As the number of Residents in Nanaimo grows, and the number of vehicles correspondingly grows, it is imperative that more efficient roadways be constructed
  • Already during peak hours, drivers must wait for several traffic lights before they can move through an intersection. During this time drivers are Idling their Vehicles and contributing to Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This is also a waste of Driver's time. 
  • People want to drive. Nanaimo will see an increase in vehicle traffic. It is time to start planning to turn the Traffic Light intersections into Overpasses. 
Solutions : Overpass at the Intersection of Ware Road and Island Highway
  • Perhaps the First Place to set money aside for building an Overpass for is the Intersection of Ware Road and the Island Highway.
  • The Island Highway heading North Bound towards Parskville is on a Grade. Vehicles that need to stop at the Intersection for a Red Light need to accelerate Up the Grade when the light turns green. 
  • Large Trucks IN PARTICULAR need to expend considerable amounts of fuel and slow down traffic significantly when they need to stop at the Intersection and then slowly (ever so slowly) accelerate through the Intersection
  • Building an Overpass at this Intersection first would be a good first step in improving the Traffic Flow along the Parkway
Solutions : Add More Lanes to the Parkway
  • Money needs to start being set aside and plans need to begin to be drawn up to expand the number of lanes along the Parkway
  • The goal of Smart Cities, and the Global Elite is to have all the little people, riding bicycles and using Transit, while they continue to use as much fuel and produce emissions as they see fit
  • But vehicles give people Independence and Freedom, traits which humanity has fought for during the entirety of its history
  • Technological Innovation will figure out how to make cars that have minimal Environmental Impact
  • The goal must be to preserve Individual Freedom and marry it to Environmental Stewardship
  • Our goal must be to have our Cake and Eat it too. The Elites get cake. We deserve it too.

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