Sunday, September 25, 2022

PLATFORM - Transit

 Main Idea : Shuttles for Low Volume Routes / Increase Frequency of Trips / Shuttles are Cheaper Than Buses

  • Nanaimo Residents find the Transit system painfully slow for Routes other than the Main Ones
  • The Solution is to increase the number of trips Transit can make along Routes
  • Increasing the number of Trips, when the Bus often has hardly any passengers is not cost effective
  • The Solution to this is simple : smaller vehicles than buses. Those would be : Shuttles. 
Shuttle Drivers
  • It's not pleasant to talk about, but Shuttle drivers would logically be paid less than full Bus Drivers, since their vehicles are easier to operate and they are responsible (theoretically) for fewer passengers
  • The lower salary, would help to mitigate the cost of the increased number of trips

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