Saturday, September 24, 2022

THOUGHT - Freedom vs Security / Healthcare / Businesses

 Freedom to Choose

  • Healthcare is Provincial Jurisdiction, but if Elected to City Council, and in the event of another Pandemic (or any other matter where there was a choice between Individual Freedom and Government Mandates), I would be an absolute advocate for Individual Freedom to Choose
  • Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." I believe people should still have Liberty, if they choose Safety, but, as history clearly demonstrates, once Government has power over its Citizens, Government is loathe to surrender it. 
  • How many Nurses quit or were let go because they didn't take the Covid Vaccine? Because they didn't want to take a Vaccine that was tested for less than a year, and had countless questions about its safety and still does? 
  • How can Provincial Health wonder why there is a Nurse shortage when pigheaded practices are what shot the Citizens of BC in the foot? 
  • Again, Healthcare is a Provincial Matter, but as a Public Servant, and responsible for the wellbeing of Nanaimo Citizens, I would advocate strongly Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals right to choose what they inject into their own bodies without jeopardizing their careers and livelihood
  • Let me say here, the whole situation was monstrous and as a Nation we CANNOT let it happen again
  • The next "Pandemic" will be a "Climate Emergency" requiring Government Mandates yet again
  • I sincerely hope Canadians, including Nanaimo Residents will choose Freedom before "supposed" Government Security when the next crisis emerges

  • How many businesses were lost because of the Lockdowns and then the Vax Passports? 
  • How many businesses were put into the uncomfortable position of denying law abiding, tax paying citizens the use of a businesses' services simply because they had made a personal health decision (and especially when the Vaccine never stopped transmission of the Virus and Natural Immunity has proven to be as effective if not superior to the Vaccine)
  • When the next "Crisis" occurs, I will do everything in my power as a City Councilor to prevent the need for local Businesses to have to choose between which law abiding, tax paying Citizens get to use their services and which don't
  • Mandates are not Laws. They have the "supposed" authority of Laws, but they are purely a Government construction without the rigour that is supposed to go into forming a Law. Mandates are inherently supposed to be temporary, and they are, by nature, created without the benefit of sufficient insight or research

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