Monday, October 3, 2022

VIDEOS - 3 Videos / Video 1 : Nanaimo Becoming A Smart City / Video 2 : Crime and Tough Love / Video 3 : Progressive Gender Ideology

Video 1 :  On My Thoughts Regarding Nanaimo Becoming a Smart City


Video 2 :  On The Tragic Murder of Fred Parsons 

- The Terrible Rise In Crime Nanaimo Has Seen Over The Past 4 Years 

- Tough Love Nanaimo, My Platform For Addressing This Unacceptable Situation


Video 3 : On Progressive Gender Ideology 

- Gender Neutral Bathrooms At Harbourfront Library in Downtown Nanaimo 

- Probable Installation of Gender Neutral Bathrooms In Other Nanaimo Libraries and Public Schools (as is the case in Cowichan Valley schools) 

- Opposition to SOGI being taught in Public Schools, especially to Elementary School Students

- Opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour At Public Libraries

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