Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Open Invitation to All City Council Candidates and the Nanaimo Public for a Debate / Thursday October 13th from 6 pm - 9 pm / Beban Park, Auditorium A

Update (October 10th, 2022) : Moderator Found!!!
  • A kind Member of the Community has volunteered to be the Debate's Moderator. 
  • Dave Cutar, a local Pastor. He is quite personable and apparently funny as well, so expect a bit of vamping maybe. 
  • He is aware that there is the, sadly, strong possibility there will be insufficient Candidates for a Debate. 
  • In this instance the Event will be a Q&A, but Dave could still be available to help guide the questioning, and maybe ask a Question from the Nanaimo News Now Survey if there is a lull. 
Time Keeper Still Needed
  • The Time Keeper will simply keep track of how long Candidates speak and make sure they stay in their allotted speaking time. 
  • The Time Keeper will have Green, Yellow and Red paper to hold up to alert Candidates to the amount of time they have remaining to speak. 


Nanaimo Election 2022 - Q&A with Candidates - Beban Park, Oct 13, 22

  Thursday Night (Oct 13th from 6 to 9 pm) was the Open Invitation to All City Council Candidates for A Debate at Beban Park.  Sadly, as man...